HAVING read that the council are to close the very busy Queen Street taxi rank without adequate consultation or communication about a suitable alternative taxi ranking location, I find their approach lacking common sense, ill considered and arrogant. (Evening Times August 2)

Let’s face it, taxis provide an essential safe door to door conveyance particularly at night and weekends and when trains buses and the underground are not available.

Is it beyond the ability and motivation of council officials to sit down with representatives of taxi drivers to work out where alternative and sufficient ranking spaces should be provided?

I think a large rank around the square would be a good idea to serve residents and tourists remembering this is the centre of the city surrounded by bars shops and offices.

At one time late night buses left from the Square

Bill Love, Mosspark

Blind eye turned

CELTIC player Leigh Griffiths was verbally abused by a thug at Glasgow Airport (Evening Times August 2)

This was nothing less than a hate crime. Where were the security and police?

There must be video of this bigot.

It seems that in this country any bile delivered to Celtic players is completely ignored by the authorities.

AM, Glasgow

Lack of action

NOT to worry about the future of the McVitie factory, (Evening Times August 4) the SNP will immediately send a task force if the plant closes, vowing to do what they can, til the cameras leave.

Just don’t expect them to do anything beforehand as all they’ll do is blame Westminster somehow.

Iain McKenzie, posted online

Term too lenient

I STARTED reading the article on the stabbed man who threatened to rape nurses (Evening Times August 3), and thought ‘good’ a decent sentence for a change.

Then you read on and see the extent of what this guy did and said he would do and you think that nine months isn’t nearly enough.

Apart from everything he did prior to getting to hospital I am firmly of a view that medical staff should be entitled to refuse to treat people like him given his actions towards them and be protected by law in their refusal to do so.

I know that will never happen but there are just some people out there who do not deserve to be helped.

Michael Clohessy, posted online