I WAS reading a report that there are 1.2 million job vacancies advertised in this country.

How many of these companies are running training courses to help fill these positions?

Going by the numbers who cannot find a permanent job, very few!

William Allan, Hawthorn Terrace, East Kilbride

Blatant abuse

READING about the council boss getting £100K while suspended (Evening Times August 4), the key question here is who approved these payments and why?

Is this yet another example of the bhoys looking after each other?

Perhaps further investigation is required here to find out where does the buck stop.

This continued blatant abuse of taxpayers money by councils shows it’s apparent that what’s needed is a tried and tested chief executive and financial director - not necessarily one who has been voted in but installed by the First Minister.

FMK, by email

RBS fund NHS

I SEE that the Royal Bank of Scotland - which is mostly owned by the tax payer - has made a profit in the first six months of year. (Evening Times August 5)

Well here is a suggestion to the government - why do we not keep the Royal Bank of Scotland in the tax payers hands and use the profits to finance the NHS or education?

I doubt this would happen. We will probably see these politicians getting in there like a rat up a drainpipe to buy shares.

And I still ask the question how many MPs or MSPs have financial links to private health companies?

James Tees, by email

Waste of money

SO it seems a good idea to waste thousands of pounds to create mini Holland? (Evening Times July 31)

Take a trip round the city, Kingspark Park at Menock Road end is a disgrace, and the grass area side of Kingspark primary is also a disgrace.

Linn Park is bad, the guys cut the grass at the edge and leave the remainder to grow wild.

Cyclists love using pavements anyway.

SJ, by email

Wasted call

CAN the council not do something simple and answer the phone to report fly- tipping?

I spent over 30 minutes on a phone call and still couldn’t get through.

Name and address supplied