YET another incident of verbal abuse on a vulnerable dementia patient at a nursing home by a carer (Evening Times August 8).

What is really concerning is the fact that this shameful individual was a so-called ‘dementia champion.’

Heaven help us all, as she obviously didn’t remotely understand the very meaning of the title, on how to handle the very susceptible dementia patients who were entrusted in her care.

She, of all people, should have been aware of the many different stages of dementia where the behaviour of the individuals varies greatly, depending on how far the condition has progressed.

The Scottish Social Services Council made the correct decision to have her struck off the register and it has to be hoped she doesn’t even think of lodging an appeal on the decision to remove her.

Margaret Sinclair, Dougrie Place


THE story about the dementia nurse sacked for abusing a vulnerable man, sometimes good people react badly when they are stressed.

Haven’t we all said something “in the heat of the moment” ?

Having dealt with people with dementia I can have some sympathy with those who work in this field. If this was a one off occurrence then to take away someone’s livelihood seems to be a drastic step.

On the other hand if staff can’t deal with the stress then perhaps a change of career is best for all.

Francis John, posted online


IN reference to the letter from August 8 “Wasted Call” it is very difficult to get through to the council cleansing department.

They seem to always have a high volume of calls!

There is another number you can call for fly tipping 0845-2304090. I use it quite a lot as I stay in Glaive Road in Knightswood aka Govanhill, where everyone dumps their rubbish and expects others to pick it up.

Name and address supplied


IN the report on the young man slashed at Celtic Park (Evening Times August 10), the club say it’s not football related.

Well, I think it is. It happened on a match night and at a suite or function room I believe.

People must be able to go to games without this sort of danger.

These actions are not good for clubs, football or Scotland.

Jay Robertson, posted online