Muddy great

I was really pleased to read the story of wee Callum Craig, who is recovering from cancer.

It's every parent's nightmare that this will happen to their child but His mum and dad sound like great people who have been there for him every step of the way.

The new children's event at Pretty Muddy sounds like it will be brilliant and I look forward to rounding up my nieces and nephews to take part.

Good luck to Callum - we'll all be cheering him on.

Rosemary Goodwin, Hillhead

Cycle concerns

Even though I welcome the upgrade to Sauchiehall Street, it seems again pedestrians are forgotten about?

I agree with the Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) that the proposed new cycle lane should be moved as it is too close to pedestrians.

There is already cycle lane behind Sauchiehall Street, Do cyclists use it? No.

Walk Along Sauchiehall Street any morning and you will be nearly run over by cyclists and joggers, lorries and bin lorries on what is supposed to be a 'Pedestrian Precinct?'

I have nearly been knocked over, run into by delivery lorries, bin lorries and cyclists in the morning

Also when along Sauchiehall Street at Charing Cross, you have bikes on the road speeding constantly through red lights and when green man is on people crossing.

Do the lights and speed restrictions not apply to people on bikes? Are we Holland?

How is this cycle lane going to resolve the number of empty shops, the amount of homeless people in every doorway?

Should you not be trying to help resolves these issues first?

K McGill, posted online

Upgrade delays

The new Sauchiehall Street upgrades were supposed to have begun months ago, a full year after a long consultation process in which RNIB could have raised their safety complaints.

Is this city stuck in some sort of localised timewarp?

Can't we even lay some pavement without it taking years and years?

Charlie Duran, posted online

More work?

Here we go for the merry-go-round of street improvements in Glasgow. Concentrate on one street whilst others deteriorate.

Look at Argyle Street, Union Street and parts of Buchanan Street, all neglected badly.

Pedro Cashino, posted online