Bus station revamp

I've been most unimpressed with the way Strathclyde Partnership for Transport has failed to inform the public of the imminent closure of Partick Bus Interchange.

The complete absence of notices up in the Interchange has been clear, with bus drivers I've spoken to, and commuters being the last to know.

Disruption to traffic on Dumbarton Road will be inevitable.

Surely bus passengers had a right to be told alot sooner than they've been. Public Communication must be improved within S.P.T. in future, if it is to remain accountable to the public purse.

Jill Ferguson, Thornwood

Hampden 'squeal'

WITH regards to the future of Hampden. Scotland just doesn't need a national stadium.

The days of the so-called "Hampden roar" instilling fear into opponents is long gone.

In the majority of matches it's now the "Hampden squeal" due to the amount of free tickets given to schoolchildren just to make the stadium appear busy.

Take the games around the country. Big games at Celtic Park, Ibrox & possibly Murrayfield (although that puts money into Rugby and not football). Smaller games dispersed around the country.

Jim Jones, posted online

Street shame

Sauchiehall Street is embarrassing (Glasgow streets to be terror-proofed, August 30).

I took some friends on the tourist sightseeing bus recently – and we drove up Sauchiehall Street.

Apparently, it is classed as one of the 'sights'!

However, it needs to be off the tourist trail until it gets cleaned up and sorted out.

It's not doing the city any favours, showing it off to tourists like that.

It is such a pity – in its heyday it was one of the principle shopping thoroughfares.

Lizzie F, posted online

Housing plan

Having read of a charity's approach to buying 10 homes in the city to house their most troubled tenants with support ('Radical' move will help to house the homeless, September 1).

I would suggest this scattergun approach is flawed and will lead to knock – on problems in communities. Would it not be better to test the proposal by purchasing one property and testing how well it works for the residents.

This charity must be awash with funds to be able to buy 10 homes but will they be able to fund the ongoing costs of support which will be huge?

Name and address supplied