Taxi service blocked

As a female living in Glasgow I would definitely have supported and used this company (Glasgow City Council blocks plans to launch female-only taxi service, Friday).

I took three taxis on Saturday and the drivers left a lot to be desired to the point I have decided not to use private hire firms anymore.

H Smith, posted online

I’m sure a lot of women would feel much safer getting in to and home from town with a female driver rather than some of the current drivers employed by the private hire companies and Uber.

I’d feel much better if it was any of my relatives on a night out. Very short-sighted of Glasgow City Council me thinks. PC gone mad.

Derek Campbell, posted online

Universal Credit change

The sad fact is that these decision-makers could never, in their wildest dreams, imagine what it’s like for folks to live on such limited amount of money (Universal Credit: Another change that will mean people lose cash warns Glasgow MSP, Thursday).

Nor could they envisage what it must be like to live from week to week with the uncertainty of whether your benefit will be affected or not by Universal Credit Before they make all these life changing decisions do they consult with people who have to live with their final say?

Anne McCurley, posted online

Too many unemployed and not enough vacancies.

The same decision-maker can make medical, legal and financial decisions and they don’t have the qualifications to do so.

That’s why when the claimant takes their case to the Court and Tribunal Service and most tend to win.

Andrew McCusker, posted online