WITH regards your TimesPast images in Saturday’s Evening Times – they are excellent pictures.

I love the one where Bill Struth and co are listening to the guy give a speech and they all show their manners by removing their hats.

Different era, differerent standards.

Gary Wilson, posted online

THE image looking down Sauchiehall Street is a cracking picture. Shame it’s such a midden these days.

Colin MacEwan, posted online


What a true star I WAS very impressed to read in Saturday’s Evening Times about the generosity shown by the Greatest Showman star Hugh Jackman during his stay in Glasgow city centre.

To hand over £100 to a homelessman and offer dinner to him was a lovely gesture and proved what a true star he is.

I wish more Hollywood stars were like him and so down to earth.

JE, Glasgow


WHEN will Glasgow City Council fix the crater-filled on-ramp at Charing Cross?

It’s beyond a joke now. Temporary repairs aren’t enough for this section.

It’s time to rip it up and completely resurface it.

WU, Glasgow