I WAS very surprised - and disappointed - to see Craig Gordon failed to make the shortlist for the PFA Scotland Player of the Year.

I reckon a lot of players don't really consider goalkeepers to be credible candidates for this kind of recognition, but Craig would certainly get my vote.

As it is, the four guys who did poll the most - Virgil van Dijk, Stefan Johansen, Adam Rooney and Greg Stewart - all have strong cases for being in the hunt for this prestigious prize.

Stefan and Virgil have been terrific for Celtic, and Greg likewise for Dundee, while the goals Adam has scored for Aberdeen was always going to make him a contender.

Jason Denayer has made it on to the shortlist for the Young Player, and that's a reminder that, despite the composure he shows, he is still only 19 and playing his first season in any top team.

The fact he has already broken into the Belgian national side says it all about this rising star.

Celtic's own awards night is tomorrow, and it is always very interesting to see who the players vote for in this one.

There are certainly enough guys who have done enough to believe they are in with a shout.

But it always has had the potential to throw up a surprise result, so it's a tough one to call.

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