Scott McDonald insists that he is over the moon to be back at Motherwell, despite admitting that a move to Hibs was a possibility over the summer.

McDonald’s former Celtic teammate Neil Lennon tried to lure the Aussie hitman to Easter Road, and spoke earlier in the week about talks being at an advanced stage.

McDonald says though that although the move was discussed, he was never on the verge of swapping Lanarkshire for Edinburgh.

“I don’t know if it was as far down the line as perhaps was said,” McDonald said. “There was a conversation a couple of weeks ago between me and Neil, but that was it.

“I spoke to a Head of Recruitment, I never spoke to a Chief Executive and I never spoke to the manager again, so that tells you how close it was compared to speaking to the Chief Operating Officer here, or whatever his role is now! And obviously I was speaking to the manager day-to-day.

“Ultimately that was key. How much they wanted me, of course that was key.

“The Hibs thing came up and it was of an interest, but that’s all it was, we never really got down to the finer details really.

“Good luck to them, it’s a massive club and obviously the attraction of working with Neil was something that was exciting, but ultimately I felt that it was better for me if I stayed here.

“I’m delighted to be back, I don’t even think I actually ever left really!

“There was a clause in the contract to renew. We left it open up until now because obviously we know that Les [Hutchison] has moved on in terms of the ownership, so it changes a few things.

“But the club have been fantastic to me over the summer period. We’ve been talking the whole way through, Alan Burrows, the manager and myself.

“Ultimately it’s important that I feel wanted here, and I think that at this time of my career that’s vital.

“I had a great season last year personally and with the team as well, and working under Mark I really enjoyed my football.

“This is a family here. You can speak openly and frankly with them and it’s never held against you either, which I think is important.

“Some of us are part of the furniture almost – especially some of the players – so there is that sentimental value attached to the club as well.

“We all know that we are getting a little bit older and the club will have to move in a new direction at some point or another, but we’re looking to help that transition as well as senior players for the younger guys and help them to develop.”

Mark McGhee was relieved to still have McDonald in his squad – a player he sees as being absolutely pivotal to the style of play that he is implementing at Motherwell.

“Scott was such a good player for us last season,” he said. “Of all the players in the team he was the one who probably influenced most the way we played.

“Some players become part of a kind of system or set up and other players dictate a system.

“And very much he was one of the ones who encouraged us to play a certain way and allowed us to play a certain way. He allowed us to keep the ball up front and get us up the park.

“Scotty won’t mind me saying this, but he’s high maintenance.

“But I think that’s fine. Managers have to manage and Scott’s a boy that needs managed. He has to be encouraged and he has to be controlled.

“Scott has an opinion and a voice, which is fine because I did too as a player.

“And I always remember that when I’m dealing with players, what I was like as a player.

“So, the fact is, I think Scotty and I have an understanding. There’s a mutual respect which allows us both to have our say.”