LATE goals, incessant energy, constant running.

Scott Brown believes that Celtic’s journey to becoming Invincibles comes down to their superior fitness levels.

Celtic set a new record at the weekend by scoring 106 goals and bagging 106 league points and Brown has attributed the relentlessness of Brendan Rodgers’ side to the hard work that has been demanded on a daily basis.

“It’s down to our hard work and dedication,” said Brown. “The gaffer wanted us to lose body fat, to eat pasta and normal foods and to work hard in training with lots of energy.

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“Everyone has looked after themselves and we’ve had very few injuries apart from the odd hamstring pull. We’ve all been ready to go whenever the gaffer has asked us to be ready.”

And Brown has seen a visible improvement in stamina since last season.

“In the final 20 minutes of games we wanted to press but we couldn’t do it as well as a team,” he said.

“Now we can go for 90 and that shows in the results. It all started with a hard pre-season .

“Last season I was injured and it didn’t help trying to play through hamstring injuries. I should just have taken six weeks off and made sure I was right.

“This is the fittest team and it’s one of the best dressing rooms I’ve been involved with.

“When Lenny was here we had a great dressing room and we’re just getting back to that now.

“It shows on the park and when we score a goal everyone celebrates together and Craig [Gordon] even fancies joining in – although he doesn’t fancy the 120-yard run.

“It’s been enjoyable this season.”

Read more: Kieran Tierney: Playing for Celtic means more to me than earning big money down south

Brown has also revealed that his inaugural dinner date with Rodgers set the tone for the entire season.

Brown was invited to the Celtic manager’s house in London in the aftermath of Rodgers’ appointment, and it was over a bowl of pasta that the ground rules for the campaign were set out.

The Celtic midfielder joked that he was a little nervous heading down to London, but the manner in which the 31-year-old has taken on board the message from Rodgers underlines just how trusted he became by the Hoops boss.

“The first thing he asked me was ‘how long do you think you can keep playing?’ My first reaction was after last season I might not make six months!

“He asked me how long I could play at the top level with Celtic and I said maybe two more seasons maximum.

“Now I feel I can go on for four or more as long as I’m enjoying my football and playing with a smile on my face.

“He told me it was a fresh start and that was good for me that I knew that. I had six weeks off and I was feeling better about myself.

“I didn’t know how I’d be but going into pre-season I broke down a couple of times but slowly I got better.

“All he asked was that I tried my best and that’s what I’m still doing now.

“It suited me that he wanted a high pressing game and wanted everyone fit. That’s pretty much my game – to get the ball and give others the ball to make things happen.

“I got a nice bottle of wine and gave it to his missus and then we went through and had a chat.

Read more: Kieran Tierney: Playing for Celtic means more to me than earning big money down south

“I was nervous. I’d been down south on holiday and I hadn’t really prepared for the meeting. My gear is not the best at the best of times. I turned up and looked as good as I possibly could.

“I got a taxi over just in case I was allowed a wee glass of wine to settle my nerves.”

Brown, as captain, is also charged with keeping the dressing room in check and ensuring that there are no cliques within the squad.

“It’s good to make sure everyone speaks English and we all have banter together,” he said.

“There’s no phones allowed and that means we sit and chat to each other. It’s more a friendly environment than anything else. That was the gaffer who banned the phones – we follow what he says or I’m out!

“Kolo Toure has been good with the foreign boys that have come – especially the likes of Eboue who didn’t have the greatest English but Kolo has chatted to him and helped him with English lessons.

“He’s become really chatty and that’s a good thing. It’s important that the new boys get used to the Scottish accent as quickly as possible.

“It’s okay for the lads to talk French but when we are all together we have to speak English in the dressing-room and on the park.”

Brown has also admitted that when Celtic lost Rodgers’ first game out in Gibraltar against Lincoln Red Imps, he would never has been able to envisage the kind of season where the Parkhead side swept all before them on the horizon.

“At the start it wasn’t great with the away game in Gibraltar, but since then we’ve set a high standard and kept to it,” he said.

“It’s all about passing and movement and the more you move the more possession you have. As soon as we lose the ball the quicker you get it back then the better it is for us.”