SCOTTISH Football Association board member Mike Mulraney thinks that the appointment of Ian Maxwell as chief executive of the SFA can help to usher in a new era of co-operation between the game’s governing bodies.

Mulraney, who sits on the SFA’s Professional Game Board as well as the SPFL Board, believes that the current Partick Thistle chief executive is perfectly placed to further heal the historically fractious relationship between the bodies, after positive steps in recent months which have seen them working closer together.

Maxwell, 42, was confirmed as the new CEO of the SFA yesterday, and the fact that he too previously sat on the board of the SPFL gives Mulraney real hope that the two organisations can work together going forward for the overall good of the Scottish game.

“The past is the past and as far as I’m concerned, I’m focusing on the future,” Mulraney said. “Anybody can see that there has been a significant movement of the two organisations over the course of the last few months, and I think that this is another positive step on that journey.

“Neil Doncaster is now on the board of the SFA, Ian who was on the board of the SPFL is now on the board of the SFA, and obviously I’ve got an understanding of the requirement of the membership.

“So, anybody looking in can see that there have been real, meaningful steps taken to get the two organisations to work together by the people involved.

“I think [Maxwell’s appointment] is a positive step forward for Scottish football. It was a very strong field, and we were very pleased by that, but I believe Ian proved he was the best candidate for the job and I think it’s really, really good for the game.

“I think he will be a positive influence. He’s a man that understands the problems and the opportunities at all levels of the game, and that’s really important, and I’m looking forward to him taking over the reins at the SFA.

“His background gives him a real opportunity to hit the ground running. He’s got an insight at all levels, and at the very top, and added to that he’s a very capable man who brings a wealth of ability to the job.

“It’s a great wrap-up for Scottish football, it’s a very good place for us to be to have a candidate that understands the landscape, but with an ability to implement positive change when it’s required.”