Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers has revealed that Diego Maradona’s famous goal against England in 1986 is probably his favourite World Cup memory.

Speaking to club sponsor Dafabet, Rodgers eulogised about the Argentine’s second goal against England in the quarter-final of the World Cup in Mexico’s Estadio Azteca. The first goal became infamous as the ‘Hand of God’, a moment that often overshadows just how sublime Maradona’s second goal was that afternoon.

“I think the one that really stuck out in my mind was the Diego Maradona second goal against England,” said Rodgers.

“Back in 1982 of course when Northern Ireland beat Spain in Spain, that was a wonderful memory and I can remember that. But my favourite – just because of the quality of the goal and the timing in the tournament – Diego Maradona’s second goal was absolutely amazing.

“He was my favourite player and to see him score that type of goal was incredible.”

And when asked who his favourite World Cup player had been, Rodgers had only one man in mind.

“Firstly, Diego Maradona because he was a big player, done it in the biggest tournament and made a very good team great by winning the World Cup in 86.

“Just incredible ability.

“And then there’s many going back, I looked at Zico and the Brazilians – Socrates – were fantastic players.

“I go back and remember Scotland and Northern Ireland both in those tournaments.

“I remember David Narey scoring a great goal but certainly my favourite player in a World Cup was definitely Diego Maradona.”