I AM in holiday in Portugal right now and by the time you read this I will be celebrating my 50th wedding anniversary.

And before you ask, I got married at ten.

Even when on a break, I can’t get away, or keep away, from the football and I don’t mean the World Cup.

Where I am staying is a popular destination for teams to carry out warm weather training at this time of year.

I was taken for a nosey by a Scottish guy who has made his home out there - a Celtic supporter - and I was seriously impressed by the facilities.

I was told on my visit that Sunderland were out there and so I decided to go over to watch them and if at all possible say hello to their new manager.

And I’m really glad I did.

Jack Ross is an impressive guy and it was a real pleasure to have a chat with him.

He’s a really nice man, clearly intelligent and I could see for myself how good a job he is already doing at Sunderland by the way his players were training.

It is always good to see a young Scottish manager being given their chance down south.

Sunderland have not had the best of times, but are a huge club and it’s an excellent opportunity for Jack to show the English game what we in Scotland already know.

That he is an outstanding manager.

It was sad to see him leave St Mirren, one of my old clubs, but how could he turn down the chance to test himself south of the border.

It will be interesting to see how he does; however, I am sure he will be a success.

I had never met him before. First impressions do count and I came away thinking that this guy had what it takes.

Maybe we will see Jack back in Scotland a few years from now.

And if we do one day, I have a feeling I know which club he would like to manage...