FOOTBALL is a business these days and every player in the world has a price that a club will sell at.

Rangers and Alfredo Morelos are no different. That fee certainly isn’t the £3.75million offer they got from Bordeaux this week, though.

From a financial point of view, Rangers will have a figure in mind that, if a club matches, they will allow Alfredo to talk to them.

But Steven Gerrard looks at it from the football perspective first and foremost and he won’t want to lose Alfredo right now, especially when he doesn’t have a lot of time to find a replacement.

He is desperate to keep the player at Ibrox and if he is still there by the end of the month that would be fantastic news for Rangers.

If he continues to improve and continues to score goals, it is obvious that he will attract more interest and there will be more bids for Rangers to consider. Right now, they don’t want him to go, though.

At the end of the day, Steven would be weakening the side if he decided to cash in this summer because there is no guarantee that he would be able to bring another player in of the same standard.

The manager and the board always have different perspectives on things but Steven has a good relationship with the people around him and they will make the best decision for Rangers.

That isn’t selling Morelos for the kind of money Bordeaux were willing to pay and every focus right now is on bringing players in to make sure Steven can put the best side possible on the park.

The aim for Rangers this season is to try and catch Celtic and challenge for the Premiership title, whilst looking to win the Betfred Cup and Scottish Cup and go as far as they can in the Europa League.

Losing Alfredo just a few games in would leave them toiling and it is a long time until the January window opens and you have a change to bring players in again.

I can understand why clubs would be looking at Morelos and be making moves for him because he looks leaner and sharper this season and, crucially, he looks interested as well.

Steven is getting the best out of him and he is playing with a smile on his face. Hopefully that continues for as long as possible.

If he wasn’t happy and didn’t want to be at Rangers, that is different. You can’t have a rotten apple in the dressing room because that negativity can quickly spread.

That doesn’t look to the case with Alfredo, though, and I am sure the manager will speak to him regularly to keep him on side.

At this stage, I would say it would be a disaster if he left but I know there will be some fans that would accept an offer of £6million or so. I think the majority would say no, though, because they like Alfredo and see how important he could be this season.

For the same reason, I wouldn’t like to see him sold and I hope Rangers can hold on to him during the last few days of the transfer window.

We have, of course, been in this situation before with Alfredo and he was the subject of interest, and bids, from the Chinese Super League at the start of the year.

I can understand if his head was turned by talk of the money that was involved but I would think he would want to go to one of the big leagues in Europe if he does move on from Rangers.

The money would have been life-changing for him and his family and he was probably keen to go when the pound signs were spinning in January.

Now he has got a manager that trusts him, that has got him fitter and that can help him improve as a player and get the kind of move that he wants in the future.

When you are a centre forward at Rangers, you are getting chances created for you all the time and you have to take the majority of them. Hopefully Alfredo can do that and he can get 25 plus this season.

If he does that week in, week out in the Premiership and performs in Europe, that is when the bigger clubs will come in for him and there bigger money will be on the table.

Alfredo just has to forget about a move, put the speculation to one side and continue to do his job for Rangers. If he does that, his future will take care of itself.