AS Jamie Murphy lay motionless, Ross McCrorie sat helpless. Now, everyone at Ibrox has a part to play in helping the winger on the road to recovery.

By the time Murphy had fallen to the Rugby Park turf, the damage was already done and the pain was already clear. His match was over and only time will tell if his season is as well.

Chasing a long ball down the left flank, Murphy’s knee buckled as he planted his foot on the plastic park and he had to receive treatment for several minutes before he was stretchered away.

Boss Steven Gerrard and captain James Tavernier were vocal about the use of synthetic surfaces and the role that it played in the injury that could keep Murphy out of action for some time. Going forward, the only concern is the well-being of a team-mate.

McCrorie said: "It's really unfortunate for Jamie. It's a bad injury and no player wants that.

“I can see why teams want to go for astroturf because of their finances. But every player just loves playing on grass and we would prefer that.

"Astro is more unpredictable, depending on what the surface is like, the ball is more bobbly. We just all prefer playing on grass to be honest.

"I've not seen him today. I spoke to him after the game - he was in the back of the dressing room at the physio’s room getting treatment. He was devastated.

“You don't want to see one of your team mates getting a bad injury. We don't know the extent of it yet and we will see in the next few days how bad it really is.

"I just said all the best to him. You never want to see your team mate go through something like that. Hopefully, he gets better soon.

"Seemingly, it was the way he landed - I think his leg got kind of stuck and his knee went. I thought he was never going to get up.

“When he was lying for a bit everyone knew it was serious. All the team are behind him and all we can do is support him and hopefully get him back as quick as possible."

The road to recovery could be long and difficult for Murphy but it is a journey he will embark on with the support of those around him at Ibrox.

The 28-year-old has emerged as an important player for Gerrard’s side in the opening weeks of the campaign and his absence will be keenly felt in the coming months.

McCrorie said: "Ryan Jack had a similar injury last season with his knee and we all supported him and helped him get through it. Now he's back and all guns blazing. We can hopefully do the same for Jamie.

"He'll be especially disappointed because of the great start we have got off to. He'll be devastated at missing out on these important games. He's just got to do the rehab and get back as quick as possible.

"Jamie's been excellent right from the start of the season. It's just devastating he's got this injury.

“We will support him every step of the way and makes sure he doesn't get too down on it and make sure everything is positive for him."

The loss of Murphy is a significant setback for Gerrard and it may well force the 38-year-old to delve back into the transfer market to source a replacement.

From Murphy’s adversity, there could be an opportunity, though, and teenager Glenn Middleton could now be given a sustained run of first team action this term.

McCrorie said: "If he gets the chance we will wait and see how he does. Glenn is a great wee player. I have played with him for Scotland a couple of years ago. He's quick and very direct ad he's a great option to have in the team.

"But we also have Daniel Candeias and Ryan Kent there too so we will see how it pans out for him.

“He spoke to my brother more because they were in the same changing room, but I think Glenn maybe puts too much pressure on himself.

“He maybe needs to be not so tough on himself if he makes a mistake and just be more positive. Glenn’s a great wee player and I’m sure he can make it all the way.”