It does not take much to invite criticism towards the SPFL but the carry-on over the League Cup semi-finals was an absolute farce.

Where was the organisation? The forward-planning?

It did not take a genius to work out that if both Celtic and Rangers progressed to the Europa League then there was an obvious clash for the semi-final dates.

To that end, I just don’t think there would have been any issue if they had said prior to the draw that the first tie out of the hat would be played at Murrayfield and the second at Hampden. It could have been as straightforward as that.

It is then transparent, there is a clear plan and everyone knows what is what from the get-to.

Instead, what we had this week was a bowing to public opinion and the whole thing looks like a shambles.

Hearts and Aberdeen both had a point. They were right to voice it and the first decision to play both games at Hampden was always a stupid one.

Celtic were within their rights to be upset at the change and how it came about too. It’s not about going through to Murrayfield but simply the manner in which the decision was made.

They will need to get on with it – and that game against Hearts will be tough because they are the form team in the country at the minute – but you can see why an entire lack of organisation has led to the chaos and discord that we have seen this week.