WHAT Kirk Broadfoot did to Alfredo Morelos last week in the game between Rangers and Kilmarnock was the lowest of the low.

The game had stopped, it was half-time. You are relaxing a wee bit and your mind is starting to think about the second half as you are walking off the park, and then all of a sudden, you feel the studs going down the back of your Achilles. That is a bloody sore thing.

I have seen a lot of cowardly things on a football field, but that is right up there with the worst of them. To do that when a man’s back to you is ridiculous.

I have pointed out in the past when Morelos should not have reacted the way he did in certain situations, but in this case, anyone would have reacted the way he did. All he did was push Broadfoot, and the Killie defender has gone down as if Anthony Joshua has given him a right hook. He’s holding his face and his neck, it was a ridiculous piece of play-acting.

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I thought to myself at the time that if the cameras have caught that, then Broadfoot is going to get hammered. But what do you know? The footage goes to the Three Stooges on the Tribunal Panel and they rule there was nothing wrong with it! It is absolutely ridiculous.

I’m disgusted by the verdict, so I have now decided that as well as having a player of the year his season, we can have the Three Stooges award of the year for the most ridiculous decision they have made throughout the season. For the refs, we can have the cracked whistle award, and I’ll tell you what, fair play to them, I think every referee is right up there with a chance of winning it. I’m not just saying it is against Rangers, because in that game alone Connor Goldson and Stuart Findlay could both have been off too.

Everyone could see what happened between Morelos and Broadfoot. It’s on tape. It’s off the ball, and if you do that when the game is going you will get sent off. To do it in the sly way that Broadfoot did, behind a man’s back, and then to get away with it? What a joke.

I got that sort of thing a lot as a player, because anyone who is a danger to you, you are going to try to put them off any way you can. But normally it came when the game was going on at least.

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You would have players nipping you, or having a wee fly kick when the ref it wasn’t looking, and I used to react at first. What I learned though was that the best comeback was to score a goal and then walk away with that little smile on your face. There is nothing worse for a defender than that, and that is what Alfredo will learn.

One ray of light in this gloomy international break as a Scotland and Rangers fan has been Morelos getting called up. The story is a fairytale. He’s had to leave his country at a young age to better himself, he’s gone to Finland and scored the goals that have got him noticed, come to Rangers and he is now their main striker with 29 goals already this season.

It was great to see him in the pictures of the Colombian squad alongside James Rodriguez and Radamel Falcao, two players of outstanding pedigree. If he cannot learn playing alongside these kind of guys, then something is far wrong.

Morelos has come a long way in the last three or four years and he should be delighted and proud of the progress he has made to now be representing his country. I think he can be even better when he comes back to Rangers.