LEE WALLACE is now in the final weeks of his Rangers career and I hope he gets a chance to say goodbye to the supporters and gets the send-off he deserves after his service to the club.

He has been a really important figure on and off the pitch during his time at Ibrox and I think he definitely deserves a farewell so he can thank the fans and the fans can thank him. I am sure that would mean a lot to Lee.

He obviously isn’t playing right now and can’t even get into the squads or on the bench, but I think it would be fitting and a really good moment if he and the supporters got a chance to say goodbye and wish each other well for the future. Lee Wallace deserves that.

I became really close to Lee a few years ago when Rangers were in a terrible state and we both did what we could to help the club and help the dressing room through that period. We had to step up and be leaders and that is what we did.

We both had offers to leave Rangers but we didn’t want to. That is just the truth of it.

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We didn’t want to leave. I am certainly glad that I stayed and I know that Lee was as well.

I was lucky enough to have him as my vice-captain for a few years and he helped me a lot at that time. He was great with the younger lads on and off the pitch and you could tell his affection for Rangers.

He loved the club, he loved being there and he loved playing at Ibrox. So it is sad how the last couple of years have gone and how his time there will come to an end.

Lee stayed to help Rangers get back to the top of Scottish football and he has done everything that he could to make that happen. Unfortunately, recent seasons haven’t gone to plan for Rangers and there is still work to be done.

You can’t point the finger at Lee Wallace for that. He would have wanted success as much as anyone at Ibrox, but it just hasn’t materialised in that way sadly.

He has been an unbelievable servant to the club, though, and has shown a lot of loyalty towards Rangers and the supporters over the years. The way that it has been handled recently isn’t too nice.

In my last year at Ibrox, I knew about Christmas that it was going to be the end for me there. I got told in a sort of back-handed way, it wasn’t very professional and was just in a chat, and I had made my mind up as well that it would be time for me to step down as captain.

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All good things come to an end and that is the way that Lee will be looking at it. It is what it is, that is the way it has materialised.

He would, like I did, have hoped for a better ending, but it wasn’t to be. Sometimes there is nothing you can do about that and you just have to get on with it.

When you walk out of Ibrox for the last time as a Ranger, it is a very emotional moment. You know how lucky and privileged you have been to have played for the club.

It was hard for me and it will be difficult for Lee as well because he has had success there, he has worn that captain’s armband and he has been a huge figure for so many years.

It is a difficult and sad time when you know that your time is up and it is all coming to an end so it will be hard for Lee over the next couple of weeks. But he just needs to keep looking forward.

He has still got a lot of game time left in him and he has got the attitude to go and play up until 35, 36 no problem and hopefully we see Lee Wallace back doing what he does best soon.