THE something old, something new and something borrowed give brides luck on their big day. Marvin Andrews is the something blue.

The former Rangers defender ensures couples are a match made in heaven after becoming ordained as a minister a couple of years ago.

Andrews has seen his diary steady fill up as football fans ask the 43-year-old to play a starring role at the alter.

He returned home to San Juan in Trinidad and Tobago last year to help former international team-mate Jason Scotland tie the knot. And he has been inundated with requests from happy couples closer to home.

Andrews said: “I’m just enjoying life, to be honest. Just living life, enjoying life, doing bits and pieces.

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“ I do a lot of Q&As with Rangers, I come back to Ibrox every so often and do a bit of hospitality and I do a lot of charity matches and legends matches.

“I keep myself busy enough. Life is all good, I can’t complain at all.

“I have become a Minister so I preach in my church and I am doing a lot of weddings. I have got four weddings already booked for this year. I did four or five last year.

“I haven’t done any Celtic couples, but I’m sure I did one where one was Rangers and the other was Celtic. It is all in good spirits and good fun.

“People know that I am doing it and it has been around now that I am doing it. I did Jason Scotland’s wedding last year over in Trinidad and it was made known.

“After that, I did two weddings last year in the Blue Room and a couple in Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath.

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“I get messages from people saying they are getting married and they would love me to take the ceremony because of the type of person that I am and the fact I am well-known, if you want to put it like that. For some people, it is good for them to say ‘Marvin Andrews did the ceremony!’ It is all good fun.

“There is a lot of laugher and we try to have fun with it. It is a serious occasion when two people commit their lives to one another and I do the serious bit when it comes to the Bible and the vows.

“But, at the same time, I try to make it a bit lively and a bit fun because everybody knows Marvin Andrews likes have a smile on his face, likes to have a joke. That is just how it is.”