IT has been such a sad period for Celtic in these past couple of weeks, but what happened at the funeral services of both Billy McNeill and Stevie Chalmers, and around Celtic Park, has been a fine testament to both men and to the football club.

The wonderful tributes they received from the supporters were both moving and thoroughly well deserved, and hopefully that will have brought at least some comfort to their families at such a difficult time for them.

The reaction to the sad passing of both men and the celebration of their lives and what they achieved sums up the Celtic fans for me. They have been a real credit to the club over this period, and their appreciation of the Lisbon Lions is heart-warming.

No one Lion was greater than any other in their eyes, they were all held in equal high esteem, and while it has been such a hammer blow to everyone associated with the club to lose two legends in such quick succession, it has also been good to see that time hasn’t dulled the impact that group of players continues to have with Celtic supporters.

There was a huge togetherness about the Lions, and that was reflected in the way that the fans came together to celebrate the achievements of both Billy McNeill and Stevie Chalmers while at the same time, grieving their passing. What better tribute can you pay than continuing that legacy of togetherness their team was so renowned for?

The recognition shown to two giants of the club was respectful and entirely fitting.