STEVE CLARKE has been the best manager in Scotland over the last two seasons and nobody could have dreamt what he would do for Kilmarnock.

He got a group of players and got them working as a unit. That is what he has to do for Scotland now.

We don’t have that many great individual players in the national squad, but Steve has shown that he can put in place a system that makes a team hard to beat first and foremost and then give them a chance to go on and win games.

Scotland don’t have the players to go all out and attack teams. We need to be hard to beat, like we were under Walter Smith and Alex McLeish during his first time as manager.

Steve has a chance to take Scotland to the Euros and, while I backed Scot Gemmill for the job, I am pleased to see him in there.

It is looking good for Scotland and there seems to be a bit of positivity amongst the supporters.

For once, the Scottish FA look to have done the right thing and they are in everybody’s good books, for now at least.