WHAT an incredible achievement by Scotland captain Andy Robertson as he picked up a Champions League winner’s medal with Liverpool last Saturday night.

It’s great for him first and foremost, but it gives the whole of Scottish football a shot in the arm to have one of our own performing at the very highest level and having such great success.

Of course, the better he does, the worse the decision that Celtic made to release him as a teenager looks, but there’s no point in looking back and thinking what might have been. As a manager, you release young players for all sorts of reasons, and you sometimes have to make calls that you think are right at the time, but that in hindsight, come back to haunt you.

For me, the focus should not so much be on Celtic’s decision to let him go, but on showering praise on the player for not only recovering from such a body blow in his early career at his boyhood team, but for positively flourishing off the back of it.

His determination to succeed is an example to any young player out there. The road to the top isn’t always an easy one, and the path can sometimes be bumpy, but with the right combination of talent and hard work - and not to mention huge resilience - Robertson has shown there is no limit to what can be achieved.

Celtic may have lost out on this occasion, but let’s hope Kieran Tierney can recover from the injury setback he is currently going through to show he also has what it takes to reach the top. I certainly wouldn’t bet against it.