YOU can’t really argue with Ryan Christie’s red card at Livingston, it was a definite dismissal. And despite the many character references since saying he isn’t that kind of player, I actually think he does have a wee bit of devilment and petulance in him.

That is a good thing as long as it doesn’t cross the line as it did on Sunday, and Christie will learn from that. Fortunately, Scott Robinson wasn’t injured and Christie can chalk it up to experience.

He has made a mistake and he will have had to live with the negative attention that has come his way. But some of the social media stuff aimed his way was way overe the line.

I don’t want to sound like a dinosaur, but in days gone by the fans would go into the pub and even the best of Celtic players would have got it for half an hour. But then it was forgotten about.

Because of the world of social media we live in, that sort of thing is amplified, it comes to the attention of the player, and people seem to take great delight in doing it.

People would have been saying terrible things about me now and again in the pubs in the past after games I’m sure. They would get a pint or two, tell their pals they thought Davie Hay was s**** the day, but then Davie Hay doesn’t hear about it! By the time the next Saturday came around they were cheering for you again.

It’s the world we live in. He just has to put it out of his mind.

It’s hugely unfair, the boy has been exceptional. The only answer back to it is to learn from the mistake and keep playing well, as he has been all season until Sunday lunchtime.