The Allan brothers, Scott and Sam, have been in each other’s corners their whole lives. And now, as in life, they are in each other’s corners in the boxing ring.

The pair both scored victories in last Saturday’s fight night at the Lagoon Leisure Centre, with Scott bouncing back from his defeat to Kash Farooq with a straight-forward points win over Latvian Dmitri Gutmans, and brother Sam seeing off Matthew Ashmole on his professional debut.

And with the two brothers now able to support one another through training and right into the arena, Scott says there is nothing that can stand in the way of their dream to reach the top of the sport.

“It’s normally the Scott Allan show, but tonight it was the Allan brothers show,” said Allan.

“I’m so glad that my brother Sam has now got a license from the British Boxing Board of Control, and the two of us can fight in each other’s shows. He can do my undercard and I can do his.

“The two of us buzz off each other, so it doesn’t matter which one of us is fighting, we get the same buzz.

“Having the both of us in the same show…wow. It’s just amazing. I was more excited about Sam boxing than I was about myself.

“The two of us train each other. He trains me in the morning, and I train him at night and vice-versa. That’s how it goes six days-a-week, all year.

“The bond we have is unbreakable. I know I can rely on him and he can rely on me, and nothing can break us apart.

“It feels amazing to be in Sam’s corner. We’re not just brothers, we’re best pals. When he wins, I win, and vice-versa.

“In my last fight when I took a defeat, he took a defeat. The two of us were in that changing room together with our heads in our hands, literally in tears about losing.”

Allan, not noted for his self-doubt, admits he was nervous before taking on Gutmans last weekend, and he was delighted to be able to lean on sibling Sam to see him through.

“I’m not exactly renowned for a lack of confidence,” he said.

“I never get nervous prior to a fight. But walking into this fight, I was really s******g myself, and I’ve fought the best of the best.

“I don’t know if it was because I was coming off a defeat, and I felt that I had to prove a lot to the fans that were there.

“Me and my brother are closer than close, and I said to him in the way into the ring on Saturday: ‘Sam, you know something? I’m really nervous here.’

“He told me that he didn’t know why, because I have the ability to beat anybody in the division.

“I went in the ring, and after the first round I knew that it was cruise control.

“I hit him with some big shots, and I knew he wasn’t going to go anywhere, so I just took my time, worked off the jab, worked the body and I knew I would be fine.”

The pair share a dream of boxing at the home of their beloved football team, Motherwell’s Fir Park, and Sam was resplendent in personalised claret and amber shorts with the club crest emblazoned on the back for his big bow.

Before they can work their way towards the bright lights of Lanarkshire though, Scott has some unfinished business with Glasgow fighter Farooq.

He said: “I’m really looking forward to avenging that loss, and getting in there and showing that it wasn’t the best Scott Allan.

“I underestimated him a little bit, and I have no problem with saying that the better man won on the night. I’m a big enough man to say it, but the rematch will be a different story, and that’s a promise.”