Glasgow boxer Craig MacIntyre showed his explosive power with a first-round stoppage of Polish fighter Lukasz Janik just over a week ago, and he reckons the Scottish boxing public haven’t seen anything yet.

The 21-year-old racked up his seventh win as a professional to maintain his unbeaten record at the Paisley Lagoon Leisure Centre.

To anyone there to witness the savage body shot that ended the contest, it would have been a shock to learn that it was just the second knockout of MacIntyre’s pro career.

But with a new trainer in his corner and a resolve to fight more at his natural weight, there are sure to be more MacIntyre fireworks in the offing.

“I think I broke more sweat on the pads than I did in the ring,” said MacIntyre. “It was a great victory for me.

“Lukasz Janik had 10lbs on me there, and I’ve not been having full training camps. The best training camp I’ve had was for my second fight, when I was in at my right weight and got a first-round knockout.

“Every other fight I’ve had has been against a heavier fighter. With the last guy I fought, there was an 11lbs weight difference.

“I’ve only had two fights at my actual weight, which is light-welterweight, and both of them have been first round knockouts.

“I’ve just had a move to a new trainer and it’s working out, we’re working great together.

“I felt really good in there, and I know I’ve got that power in my locker, I’ve just not been fighting at my weight.

“I feel as if there is a lot more to come from me. It’s a hard game this boxing, and I just want to keep making those improvements.”

MacIntyre is spurred on to put everything into achieving his dream of reaching the top by the people who support him, his trainer, his friends and his family.

“It’s not just for myself, it’s for everybody who supports me and buys tickets,” he said.

“I’m only 21, and all my mates are 21, and some of them don’t have full-time jobs. They still spend all their hard-earned money coming to see me, and it’s good that I can reward them with a knockout.

“My family and friends came out to see me in force for this fight, and I just want to keep building on that.

“I still stay at home, and my mum and dad have to deal with me when I’m close to my weight and maybe a wee bit moany in the house.

“My mum still does my washings and that, and I’d love to repay them all for their support.

“I put in a lot of hard work, but so does everyone else around me. I’ve got a good team and Willie Limond is great too, and I want to make them all proud of me.

“That means progressing as much as I can and making sure that I keep getting better.”

MacIntyre is hoping to expand his appeal beyond the people that know him and are rooting for him, and capture the attention of the Scottish boxing public.

And if he keeps producing performances like the one that saw off Janik, there is no doubt whatsoever that he will create the headlines he craves.

“It’s hard up here because you don’t really get the media coverage, whereas the guys down south get mass followings because they get a lot of exposure,” he said.

“The casual boxing fans will go and watch them. When I fight, it’s more my mates and my family, so I’m trying to build a following up here and hopefully if people see performances like that then they’ll want to come and see me.

“That’s the hope, because I put a lot of hard work in at the gym, and my trainer puts a lot of hard work in too.”