REECE McFadden isn’t the first boxer in history to be supremely confident of a victory. But he may be the first to be so supremely confident of a win that he has his wedding booked for the following afternoon.

This promises to be a whirlwind weekend alright for the 23-year-old from Motherwell, who is scheduled to be walking down the aisle to marry his partner Samantha at a ceremony in Bishopton at 2.30pm tomorrow, less than 24 hours after he does his ring walk into the Emirates Arena for his second pro fight. His opponent tonight is a 30-year-old journeyman from Bulgaria against Stefan Sashev, and let’s just say the gallus little 5ft 1in super bantamweight has no plans for any unsightly scarring to spoil his wedding snaps.

"Obviously I was getting married before I knew that I was fighting," McFadden told SportTimes. "Then I got an e-mail from my boxing manager to say I was fighting on the 22nd of March. For some reason I thought I was getting married on the 26th of March.

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"So I went home and spoke to Sammi and she said 'that is the night before our wedding," he added. "I thought 'oh my God' but she said 'it is up to you, as long as you don't get black eyes or cuts or anything like that’. So I've told her I'll try my best.

"It is just part and parcel, I am a professional boxer, I am always going to have wee cuts and marks on my face,” the 23-year-old added.

“That is what happens - it is my profession. So I just have to go with it. I am raring to go.

“Every fight I go into I am very confident. I train very hard and believe in my ability. It would be really daft to go into the ring not feeling very confident, wouldn’t it? You have to 100% believe in yourself that you are going to win a fight because you need to win it in your mind first.”

McFadden, a Commonwealth bronze medallist in both 2014 and 2018 who will jet out to Jamaica for 11 days all-inclusive with his new wife shortly after the fight, is still in his honeymoon period in the pro ranks after signing to the MTK Global brand shortly after the Gold Coast. With a points win over Elvis Guillen on his pro debut at the same venue back in November, he now finds his former Scotland amateur pal Lee McGregor as a stablemate. Like the new Commonwealth champion from Saughton, McFadden is hungry to be fast-tracked to big title fights. While he fights tonight at super bantamweight, he will eventually vie for titles at fly weight.

Evening Times: Reece McFadden in trainingReece McFadden in training

"I am enjoying the pro ranks,” said McFadden, “the smaller gloves are amazing. It is good to get in with the pros, there is a bit of a slower pace, you just have to pick your shots and enjoy it.

“It is not all about going in there, looking for the knockout and be scrappy,” he added. “You want to go in there show you your boxing ability, get wee angles, show the public what you can do boxing wise and be entertaining.

"If the knockout comes then happy days - I will be digging the shots in to try to get him out of there - but I will not be going looking for him TOO much.

"It was a good move for Lee to join MTK Global. He is a good friend but I haven't spoken to him about it yet. I was meant to be sparring with him last week but he didn't turn up!

McFadden, who felt he was on the rough end of decisions at the semi-final stage of both his Commonwealth Games campaigns, is delighted to be back fighting at a Glasgow venue which he knows well. “I had my debut at the Emirates Arena and also fought there several times as an amateur for titles at both senior and junior level, so it’s good to be back once again,” said McFadden.

“Preparations have gone well for the fight,” he added. “We’re at the stage now where training is starting to taper down. Once I’m back from enjoying my marriage I want to get fast-tracked to British and Commonwealth titles. I will have the same attitude as I did for my debut. I deal well with the pressure and I’m very good with the big occasion.

David Brophy – who has won 21 of his 24 fights to date - is another Scottish fighter on the card.The brother of Kilmarnock player Eamonn, he has his sights set on a British title fight at super middleweight against Zach Parker if he can get past untested Slovakian Vladimir Belujsky.“I’m not one to usually call people out but I really fancy a British title fight this year," said Brophy. "I think me against Zach Parker is a good fight and it has all the ingredients to be an exciting one. I’ve been patient and don’t ask for much in this game but I think titles are what I deserve.”