THE world of social media can be a bizarre place. Just ask Great British Bake Off bun expert Prue Leith.

The whole nation was on tenterhooks ahead of Tuesday’s grand final as to who would come out on top and who was perhaps going to be struck down by a soggy bottom. Anyway, enough about me.

Instead of waiting for the showstopper at night, the dreams of millions of calorie enthusiasts were dashed as the bold Prue became as popular as the bloke in charge of the Hibs v Celtic ticket allocation when she accidentally Tweeted the result that Sophie Faldo was this year’s winner. #TeamKate.

It triggered an outpouring of outrage normally reserved for an Old Firm referee as the 77-year-old gateaux guru frantically deleted the message before hastily apologising for spoiling the surprise.

While the cake cat being let out the bag upset the social movers and shakers who sit on Twitter following a dozy South African pensioner, the social media platform rejoiced in Celtic circles just a few hours earlier as the announcement of Kieran Tierney’s new contract was announced to the digital world.

Over 5000 retweets were recorded for the picture of the 20-year-old holding aloft a Celtic shirt with ‘6 years’ printed on the back, the likes and comments clicking round to the thousands, most of them hailing him as one of the icons of this current Celtic team.

The deal would take Tierney’s time at Parkhead up to 2023, a timeframe that would surely push him into club folklore and the Celtic history books if he reached his full potential, never mind a hero of the modern era.

Right now, Celtic is the best place for Tierney, that much is beyond doubt. He has been a vital and almost ever-present part of a team that today could surpass the record set 100 years ago by recording 63 games unbeaten if they avoid defeat to St Johnstone. Fittingly it’s the same number as the youngster wears on his back. On the European front, he continues to grow into a player that can perform without fear at the highest level, the crunching tackle on Arturo Vidal early on in the game with Bayern demonstrated that perfectly.

Performing superbly in both arenas mentioned has also thrust him into the Scotland national team and, being honest, he should be playing at left-back rather than anywhere else. An argument for another day perhaps.

However, despite Tierney’s proclamation that he wishes to be a Celtic player for the remainder of his career, the new deal, coupled with his star which continues to soar into the stratosphere, hints at a long-term future that remains unclear and different to the previous talents who have come through at Lennoxtown, whether that’s Shaun Maloney, Callum McGregor or James Forrest.

The reality is Tierney, at the age of just 20 and without 100 first-team games to his name, is a class above and in all reality, may well outgrow the club he loves more than his mum’s home cooking and washing by the time the deal reaches its end in six years’ time.

Unlike the three-way battle to be the best person in the country to crack an egg, Tierney’s affection for the team he serves has been abundantly clear ever since he first emerged in a Celtic tracksuit and green and white braces across his teeth.

Since then, there’s never been a hint he’s bitten off more than he could chew with one professional performance after the next. His attributes, both technically and physically at such a fledgling age make him stand out from the crowd. Just as importantly, though, his mentality and attitude are both exemplary.

Already he is one of – if not the – most consistent performer in Rodgers’ side. If he’s this good now, it’s frightening to think what he could become as the years roll by on this contract.

Does he genuinely want to be at Celtic for the rest of his days? Without question. But there will come a point where a natural time to fly the nest will come. Whether it’s when/if he helps Celtic to a coveted 10 titles in a row it remains to be seen, in reality his head may eventually be turned when an offer from a club bigger than Celtic throw a contract at his talented feet.

For the avoidance of doubt, I’m not meaning Bournemouth or Brighton.

Tierney is already well on his way to becoming a superstar and the best Scottish player of his generation. The way he handled himself midweek and continues to do so in the Champions League will only add to that.

He has the potential to go on to do great things at the very highest level on a consistent basis as part of a European giant. Not, with all due respect, as a Celtic team that look increasingly likely to be punching above their weight in the Champions League under Rodgers’ guidance. 

The message should be enjoy him while you have him. If he goes, whether after a year or after six, Celtic should take pride in being the master bakers behind this footballing show stopper, and they will reap great reward for it.

If he stays, well it would be the sponge, cream and icing on the Celtic cake.