Going toe-to-toe with the captain of Celtic and Scotland might be a daunting prospect for most 19-year-old midfielders, but then, not all 19-year-old midfielders are like Motherwell’s Allan Campbell.

In fact, the fearless youngster reckons that Scott Brown should be worried about him, rather than the other way around.

Campbell respects the Celtic skipper and what he has achieved in the game, but that respect only extends as far as the white line of the pitch. Once that is crossed, Campbell is ready to go to war with anyone.

And after more than holding his own against Brown in Wednesday’s draw between the sides at Fir Park, the Motherwell kid is ready to do battle with his illustrious foe yet again.

“Since I was young, my dad always told me just to go out and do what I do,” said Campbell. “Don’t worry about anyone else.

“That’s what I’ve done. On Wednesday night, I just wanted to go and prove what I could do.

“It doesn’t bother me. [Scott Brown] is like any other player. I am not going to show any fear to him because that would be a sign of weakness. I will get stuck in, do what I do and show, on the park, that he should be worrying about me, not me worrying about him.

“Dad always told me not to be scared of the bigger boys and just get stuck in. When you get the ball, keep it and use it to express yourself.

“It’s about no fear, really. That’s the thing about football - you can’t be scared. You have to express yourself and show what you can do.

“I have never changed. I think you need to look it at that way. If you change, you could start to get a bit nervous and do things you are not used to doing. The gaffer here likes me for how I am.

“What Scott Brown has done in the game is obviously brilliant. He has won a lot of trophies. Every player wants them and hopefully I can win as many as possible in my career.

“It’s part and parcel of the game to be tackling and getting on the ball. Obviously, he is good at that, he has made a career out of it. Hopefully I can emulate that and play to my strengths to get a good career."

There is little doubt that the familiarity between the sides – this will be their third meeting six days – has bred a little bit of contempt, and Campbell is relishing the prospect of the game having an edge.

“I hope so,” he said. “It’s always good like that. I prefer to have a bit of fire in the belly and the feeling that ‘Come on, we need to win’.

“Celtic will be up for it, too. I’m getting buzzing now talking about, so I can’t wait!"