Hoops keeper Scott Bain believes emerging from Ibrox on December 29th would be all the sweeter given the fact that there will be just 800 Celtic supporters in the ground.

Rangers chairman Dave King reiterated at the club’s AGM yesterday that there will be no retraction on the decision to cut Celtic’s traditional allocation of tickets. This summer Rangers reduced briefs from 8000 to 800, a decision that was reciprocated when the Parkhead side hosted Steven Gerrard’s side in September.

And despite suggestions that it is easier to police larger numbers in and out of rival stadia, King has maintained that the reduced number is what will be made available.

Bain made his Celtic debut at Ibrox last March in a pulsating 3-2 win and believes that coming away with another victory would be all the more enjoyable.

“There are a lot of games away from home which actually feel like home games because our fans are so loud,” said the keeper. “That plays a big part for us, they push us through as the support is great.

“But however many fans we have at Ibrox, I’m sure they’ll be loud, and the boys will work and play as hard as we possibly can for them.

“If there are no fans? Well it would be good to win then, eh.

“I don’t know how it would feel – we’d see on the day – but fewer Celtic fans will mean it’s only sweeter if we win the game.”

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old has also insisted that the Parkhead side were not guilty of over-celebrating their September win over Rangers at Celtic Park.

A Police Scotland report blamed a lap of honour as the catalyst for a surge from the 800-strong Rangers support who knocked over wheelchair users in their quest to get onto the pitch.

Rodgers said it was unfair to blame his squad for the actions of rival supporters, an assessment that Bain concurred with.

He said: "We do it after every game, walk round the pitch and thank the fans for their support.

"I don't think we were over-celebrating, I don't think we were doing anything wrong. We can't walk to here and then walk back round to avoid other fans, we were just walking in a circle.

"If you want to thank your own fans, you should be able to."

Bain has been handed the starting jersey for the cup final against Aberdeen and is preparing for the biggest campaign of his career.

"It will definitely be the biggest game I've played in so far.

"I've realised at this club that every game is a big game so it's just about being prepared as normal."