Scott Brown took over from Neil Lennon in the table of most decorated Celtic players with the League Cup win.

That puts him up to 17 medals with Celtic, a pretty remarkable achievement. I don’t know what Brown’s next step will be at the end of this season but he has been a fine captain for the club.

He’ll have understood why he started the game on the bench yesterday. He will know that it is a team game and he will need to wait his time given how well they have done in his absence.

But to me the relationship between Brown and Brendan Rodgers has underpinned the success that Celtic have had. That was the first time that Brown has started a final on the bench and not on the park since Rodgers arrived but there is no question that he has been the leader on the pitch and in the dressing room that was needed.

Like Rodgers, his place in the fabric of the club will be recognised and appreciated long after he has gone.