I missed a penalty in a League Cup final so I know how Scott Sinclair felt at Hampden when he watched Joe Lewis save his spot-kick.

There was a big difference, though – he still ended up on the winning side whereas we didn’t. It was a nightmare day. I missed a penalty in the dying minutes of the game against Rangers that would have taken the game into extra-time, Chris Sutton required surgery on a broken wrist after big Bobo Balde landed on him and Neil Lennon was sent off.

Having missed the penalty, I felt responsible for the defeat and it was a real sore one to take. So I felt for Scott on Sunday when the score was 1-0 but it is one of those things that people won’t remember it now. The only thing you remember is that you won the Cup.

And I would never criticise a player for missing a penalty. It is the hardest thing in the world to do under pressure. Scott has scored from the spot so many times for Celtic and he’ll be right back on it.

I thought that Ryan Christie really deserved his moment. The lad is just a real example to any young player that you don’t give up, that you keep at it.

He actually took his goal brilliantly. When his first shot is saved he is off balance as the rebound comes to him but he managers to angle his foot to get the best shot on the ball and lift it into the net. It was an excellent finish and a real bit of quality.

He and James Forrest at the minute are the real go-to players to make something happen for Celtic at the minute. Having players like that whom you know can do it in the big games and when the pressure is on is what you need.