I think, and hope, that Oliver Burke will be a good signing for Celtic.

The boy needs games. He has dropped out of the senior international scene for Scotland, and he hasn’t been playing regularly for West Brom. He needs football.

There’s no doubt there is a talent in there. He’s very powerful when he gets going and he’s so athletic to go along with his ability.

I hope that he can slide right into the Celtic team and that Brendan Rodgers can find a place for him. If you look at Celtic’s midfield, he’s a bit different from what they have.

The comparisons to Gareth Bale were ridiculous and they haven’t helped him. Bale is the best British export to Europe ever. It’s like someone comparing me at 21 to Ian Rush. Ridiculous.

The big transfer fees have probably made people judge him rather harshly too. There is no doubt there is a player in there, and hopefully this move can help him to show us all the player he can be in his own right.

It’s a good first step for Celtic in the transfer window, and hopefully a sign of things to come.