Brendan Rodgers has insisted that the most immediate way of improving the standard of officiating at Scottish football is to adopt the use of VAR.

Rodgers was among the top flight managers who were in attendance at a summit between the referees and coaches at McDiarmid Park last Thursday night with the promise of the meeting being that VAR would ultimately be incorporated into the Scottish game.

Rodgers had previously insisted that his own feeling was that there is a strong case to be made for full-time referees but the Celtic manager has revealed that if the finances can only accommodate either professional whistler or VAR that the latter is the most sensible option.

Scott Sinclair was denied a hat-trick on Saturday afternoon after scoring a goal with two players clearly playing him onside and Rodgers believes that at the very least the use of the latest technology would eliminate such obvious errors.

“If you can’t do both then you would have to do VAR,” said Rodgers.

“I say that because at least then, at every ground, you would get the decision right.

“For example with us at the weekend, with Scott Sinclair’s goal.

“They could easily go back on that and see it was a good goal.

“If you can get the two things through, great. Through choice, if you couldn’t, and finances allowed one, then for me you have to go with VAR all day long.”

“I think everyone would want to see that [full-time referees].

“But it’s very difficult if the finances aren’t there.

“If you have guys who are earning X-amount in a really good professions, and they’ve been asked to go full-time on 50-70 percent less money, you’re not going to do it, are you?

“It’s common sense, really.

“I think all the refs would love to be full-time as that would save them having to be up early in the morning to go to the gym before going to their work before it’s hen at five o’clock, of whatever, and they need to go and do more fitness work or studying.

“So I think common sense would say they would want it all, to go full-time and have VAR.

“But if you don’t have the clout financially to do it - and you have to choose one or the other - then for me it has to be VAR.

“It would enhance the credibility. Listen, the Premier League don’t have VAR yet and it’s the richest and most competitive league in the world.

“There’s a lot of debate around it but for the status of the game and the quality of decision making, then if you have a choice between the two, you’d have to go with VAR.”