I told you all about Scott Brown.

I said to whoever would listen that he wouldn’t go anywhere. You get it wrong and you get lambasted but I really felt that I was right and my reasoning was based purely on his personality and character.

When there was a whole load of chat about Celtic playing better without him in there, I fancied that would grit his teeth, let everyone have their say and just wait for his chance to get back in.

He knows his own capabilities. He is a captain and a leader and I think he still has unfinished business at Celtic.

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I also think that the push to be part of the team who goes and wins an historic ten was definitely a factor in his decision too. I still think he has loads of football left in him.

And I don’t think there is anyone better at the minute to drive Celtic onto the title this season.

I think in recent games he has played as though there is a weight off his mind. He really drove Celtic on to that win over St Johnstone at the weekend. There was no panic in the play as the minutes ticked away and it was Brown’s pass that teed up Weah to set up James Forrest for the breakthrough.

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I just think Brown's personality needs the challenge that comes with playing for Celtic. The intensity and the constant pressure. I think that is what he thrives on and Celtic are a far better team with him in there than they are without him. It is a crucial juncture in the season with big games coming up in the league, the Scottish Cup and the Europa League this month and I just fancy that Brown's decision to stay will give everyone at the club a boost now.