IF you know the history then you'll be aware that Sunday offers up the chance of another record for Brendan Rodgers Celtic.

Should they beat St Johnstone in Glasgow, as expected, and advance to the Scottish Cup quarter finals then it would make it 24 cup tie wins in a row, beating the record held by Walter Smith's Rangers in the early 1990s.

And, of course, this is a season which could end in the 'Treble Treble' and a third Scottish Cup win in a row.

History is being made. Again and again.

"It's a combination of hard work and consistency of the team," insisted Rodgers. "People will talk about playing St Johnstone again and it’s only human nature that you could become blaze about winning.

"What we’ve always tried to train the players is that the attitude in ever single game is so important.

"Excellence is not easy. It’s difficult. People who have been in my position will respect and understand that at the big clubs it is about winning and that’s a constant.

"It’s a huge tribute to all the players who have been involved in all the games since I’ve been here.

"The culture that we’ve tried to grow and cultivate here has been about preparation for every single game and this will be no less even though it will be the fifth time we’ll have played St Johnstone.

"Our preparation is still very much focused on giving us the best chance to perform well.

"I think our mentality has been to win. The job when you are at Celtic is to win games of course but also to try and give something that supporters will enjoy seeing.

"When we go into every game we are going out there to win and thankfully and hopefully that will continue."

When Rodgers does leave, and he seems in no hurry, perhaps then what he'd done will be fully appreciated.

To keep a squad so focussed is no mean feat.

"We have our own motivation in order to win," said Rodgers. "I always think there’s enough pressure around the players. I try to get them into the game clear in their mind so they can perform rather than add anxiety and stress.

"For me that would be something that could add something to it that you don’t really need. There’s enough for us to perform well with 60,000 every other week.

"There’s enough there in terms of wanting to perform. I just think that these records which are brilliant, it’s why we are here to be the best we can be, and create this legacy in out time here, there’s enough pressure around that.

"My job is to try and get them into the games to work, to play and entertain our supporters."