Strict liability is on its way if football cannot sort out its own house.

It is a problem this season that has been seen across the board - Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs...there have been incidents involving so called fans at various grounds and you just wonder where it stops.

Throwing a glass bottle at someone is pretty shocking and utterly inexcusable.

The same goes for coins and batteries and flares and anything else that we really don’t need.

But I just don’t think thee message is getting through.

I don’t know what else you do.

You have clubs coming out and asking their support to behave, to adhere to what is essentially everyday normal conduct for most of yet it still goes on.

I feel for clubs because strict liability makes them suffer for the actions of a minority but unless it abates, I just think it is inevitable that is the road that we go down. It is either than or someone will be hit with a bottle or a coin at a game and you just don’t know what comes after that.

It is difficult because you are asking people to behave who just seem hellbent on ignoring the pleas - and I refer to supporters across the board here. It tarnishes the reputation of the game but it also detracts from what we should be talking about.

We have either had to talk about referees or idiots throwing things this season and neither is subject is one that I wish to dwell on.

I would far rather be talking up the players that are out there on the pitch or the games that we are saying.

Giving the missile throwers oxygen just seems to make them worse.