Braehead Clan’s new netminder Michal Zajkowski says he scouted out the club through Daniel Åhsberg before deciding to migrate to Glasgow.

Both men were team-mates at Lillehammer in Norway last season as the club battled and succeeded in the fight against relegation.

And the Swede admits he also sounded out some of his fellow countrymen about what to possibly expect in the Elite League.

“I spoke with Daniel, who signed for Braehead earlier in the summer and we speak quite a lot so I asked about Braehead,” the 33-year-old said.

“I heard a lot of good stuff about the league and the club and I can’t wait to see the fans when I play for Braehead.

“It’s a big opportunity for me to come to Braehead and it was a big positive for me. I want to do my best to help the team win games.

“In fact, I asked around some of the Swedish guys that play there and they all told me it’s a really good league to play in so I’m excited.”

Zajkowski says he’s really excited about the move and says he wants to be able to help the defensive lines out.

But he also spoke of his desire to want to win games and help Braehead Clan as they look for that elusive first trophy.

The goalie added: “Having a strong defence is very important, but you want to able to help them too. Goalies can’t win games all by themselves. It’s hard for the team to win without the goalie.

“But I’m really excited. Right after I signed the contract, I wanted to come over and practice with the team and start winning some games.

“There are really good players there also so that was also an attraction for me to want to move to Scotland.

“You always want to come to a good organisation that wants to win and I felt it was important to ask around so you know about where you are going to.”