ROGER FEDERER has warned Andy Murray not to rush back to competitive action as he eyes a return at the Australian Open.

The Scot has been absent since just after Wimbledon with a hip injury and is on the road to recovery that could lead to Melbourne.

Murray and Federer were both in action at Andy Murray Live last night in Glasgow as a sell-out crowd were treated to a glimpse of their home-grown hero.

But it was the Swiss who had words of wisdom for his 30-year-old adversary who will be keen to grab his first every Aussie Open title.

"My best advice is just to get fit again, seriously that’s it," said 36-year-old.

"Take your time, however long it takes, when you come back you want to be at 100 per cent, otherwise the problem is you feel you just cant beat the best at the big tournaments, so it’s wise and worthwhile to take the extra week, extra month maybe because I’m sure Andy is going to have a lot of years left, so he shouldn’t hurry.

"But as a professional athlete you always want to come back as quick as possible.

"You need to have goals but sometimes they need to be postponed. It’s nice to see you back on the court. I’ve missed you man."

Murray appeared at ease with how his recovery had been going over the last few months, revealing that he had been advised against going under the knife to correct a hip problem which had been bothering for around two months.

But while he said his aim was to be on an early plane to Australia to prepare for the new season, he did admit he'll not know for sure if he'll fully hit 100 per cent again until he steps on to a court in competitive action.

He said: "I mean I hope I’m there, things have been going pretty well so far in the rehab.

"But you just never know, you take each week at it comes, you have setbacks and then things come on quite quickly as well. I’ve been training for a few weeks now, some days I’ve felt great, some days not so good but I’m getting there and I’ll come back when I’m ready and 100 per cent fit.

"I made probably a bit of mistake trying to get ready for the US Open but it was the last Major of the year and I wanted to give it a go and now it’s been time to give my body the rest and recovery it needs and I will come back when I’m ready."

He added: : “I believe I will [get back to my best], yes.

"You never know when you’re coming back from any injury, but that’s what I’m working towards, for sure. We have to see, but I believe that will be the case. "When I get back on the court next year and start playing again it might not come immediately at the beginning of the year. I might not play my best tennis straight off."

Murray was once again asked about his thoughts on a competitive ATP event coming to Scotland given the success of his Andy Murray Live events as well as the Davis Cup matches attended in Glasgow.

He said: "I don't know. It's possible. I think if that was going to happen ideally it would have been around this period when me and Jamie are playing and competing at the top of the game.

"Maybe when we stop there might not be as much interest, unless some youngsters break through. It would be great. You need to find the right facility to do that, you need more than one court."