THERE are a few pictures hanging on the walls of New Douglas Park of two young teenagers who look and were too young to vote.

James McCarthy is one, the other James McArthur, both now firmly established as English Premier League players having began their careers at Hamilton.

These now famous names are always brought up whenever the club is in the market for someone. Put simply, the message is join us and you too could be on your away to England.

Michael McGovern, captain, goalkeeper and arguably the team’s best asset, is out of contract at the end of this season. Hibernian want him and a few more are circulating.

That’s what happens if you happen to do well for the Accies.

Hamilton boss Martin Canning said: "When we signed Michael he hadn't played in the Premier League.That was a big step up for him.

"He has been great and has not just taken to it, but stood out.

“If a player thinks about his career then coming here is a good option, as the club have a great track record of moving people on.

"Michael has come here, done well and now clubs are talking about him.

“He is doing well for his national team and good guys deserve to do well. It bodes well for the club. The more guys that come here and do well the better.

“Tony Andreu was another one who did a good job and then moved to Norwich. We will never stand in a player's way. If they do a good job for us and the option is right for them to move on.

“If you have a couple of options then Hamilton is a good club. If you want to go places and get to the next level you will get a chance to play and prove yourself.”

Celtic can’t do anything about their players being watched by other clubs so it is rather ridiculous for the Hamilton manager to go in a bad mood about his players attracting attention.

In fact, Canning is happy McGovern has caught the eye of other teams and has nothing but praise for the Northern Irishman.

Canning said: "It is no surprise teams are interested. When you perform to the level he has on a regular basis then teams will be looking at you.

"I think being involved in the national team has also raised his profile.

“He is also a great pro. His attitude is second to none and nobody works harder on the training ground."