Loan star Baily Cargill has had one or two hair-raising moments in his young career so the possibility of being plunged into battle with Celtic won’t faze him one bit.

Despite a delay in proceedings – the temporary deal should be completed today subject to the paperwork being finalised as Cargill had been on loan at Fleetwood from parent club Bournemouth – the 22-year-old could still be flung into action against domestic champions Celtic tonight. If he does play any sort of part in affairs at Firhill, Cargill will take whatever comes his way in his stride “I made my Premiership debut for Bournemouth at Old Trafford when I was up against Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford,” he said of a fairly daunting debut in England’s top flight. “I only had 25 minutes in that game but I had a few tussles with Zlatan and it was really enjoyable. When I was just coming through at Bournemouth at the age of 19 I managed to play in the League Cup quarter-final against Liverpool and they had Gerrard, Sterling and Coutinho all playing too.”

The earlier reference to matters concerning the hair hark back to an incident during that encounter with Liverpool which led to Cargill causing something of a stir on the withering medium that is social media. “That was a strange night,” he explained. “I had five stitches put in a head wound and I had a black bandage on it.

“I had taken a bash at training the day before the game and the lads were taking the mickey saying I would have to have it bandaged.

“Then halfway through the game I tried to play a ball inside and the black bandage fell off the back of my head. A lot of people said it was a wig.

“There was an actual newspaper article that said it was a wig and I thought ‘wow that’s taking it too far’. I can take the banter about it being a wig but that was too much.”

The shift to Partick Thistle is a step into the unknown for Cargill. “I’ve never been to Scotland before and I can’t say that I knew too much about Thistle,” he confessed. “But I did my homework when I received the opportunity to come up here. One of my good friend’s is (Bournemouth team-mate) Ryan Fraser. I spoke to him and he only says good things about Scottish football. He told me he had a good opportunity at Aberdeen when he was a youngster and it gave him the platform to get to where he is now. He advised me to get up here, enjoy it and play games."

Cargill’s development has pinged about like a bairn on a bouncy castle and this will be the seventh loan deal of his here, there and everywhere career.

“Being on loan can be frustrating but it’s a good experience to go to all of these places as it expands my knowledge,” said Cargill, whose other stop-offs include stints at Torquay United, Coventry City and Fleetwood Town among others.

“I’ve also met new people and players but my main aim is to settle down at a permanent club and really stamp my mark by playing week in and week out.

“I’ve enjoyed every loan spell I’ve been on so far and I’m hoping to do the same here.

“I didn’t know anyone coming here but I met the boys in the morning and even though you do feel like the new kid, it makes you a better character and a stronger person.”