ROSS MCCRORIE got a lot of praise when he first came into the side but I said that we had to be patient with him and not get ahead of ourselves.

I will always give young players time to settle in to the team but if Ross continues to perform the way he is it is only natural that people will talk more and more about him.

He is a lovely young lad, he comes from a good family and he works hard at his game. So does his brother, Robby, who is a really promising keeper.

Ross played at the bottom of the midfield diamond against Aberdeen on Wednesday night and he was terrific. He played the role really well and like someone far beyond his years.

If he can play 10, 15, 20 games and maintain a level of performance through that then we can say ‘this boy is a player’. Hopefully there are many more like that to come from him.

For me, he was the Man of the Match at Ibrox. I thought he was outstanding.

Having Bruno Alves back in the side helped him and he was another that played really well. He was immense at the back.

The whole team performed well as a unit but young McCrorie carried out his task brilliantly. It is a hard position to play when you have got to defend but also get on the ball and pass it but he played it really well.

I have seen him used in a number of different positions coming through the ranks but he is a boy that will do whatever a manager asks because he just wants to play for Rangers.

The fans have really taken to him in recent weeks and hopefully they will give him the chance to keep learning and keep improving.