THE news that Stewart Regan had resigned as chief executive of the Scottish FA came as no surprise and I don’t think there will be many supporters in this country that will miss him to be honest.

There have been too many mistakes during his time at Hampden and the failure to land Michael O’Neill as manager has proven to be the final and most costly one for Regan.

I know he is not the one that makes the decisions – that is left to the various groups within the Association – but he is the man at the top and the public face of it all.

I don’t think he has done a lot for our game and it is best for Scottish football that someone else takes the helm and attempts to take us forward.

There will be few people that will feel sorry for him or that will be disappointed to see him leave. He is the man that was getting the big bucks and he hasn’t delivered.

He had to take responsibility when things went wrong. The situation with O’Neill was the icing on the cake but there are many, many cases of circumstances that he didn’t handle well at all.

There is one man that had to take the fall and that was Stewart Regan. In truth, he had to go.

I wouldn’t say he was rubbish but he certainly wasn’t great. He was a five out of ten.

Stewart may have been popular with some people on the Sixth Floor at Hampden but there were few supporters that backed him and he was always under pressure.

His job was to improve the fortunes of the Scottish game and that never materialised as people wanted or expected and I think the job was maybe too big for him.

He came to Glasgow from Yorkshire Cricket Club and didn’t know an awful lot about Scottish football. He has tried, but he hasn’t been good enough and there won’t be many tears for him.

The most important thing now is getting the right man going forward. Regan has gone and he probably realised it had to happen after recent events.

There are two points looking forward though. Who should be the next chief executive? And would you trust the SFA board to appoint the right man?