PLEASE allow me to act as translator for Queens Park Rangers manager Ian Holloway who has had something to say on whether Rangers could possibly keep Sean Goss beyond the end of this season.

Holloway said: “He’s my player, nobody else’s. It’s not right he’s [Graeme Murty] talking about trying to buy one of my players when that player is not for sale.

“His future is at QPR. I bought him to be a QPR player. I’ve loaned him out when he’s never been loaned out before and I’m delighted he’s doing well but he won’t be getting sold.

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“If Graeme has said he wants him permanently then that’s a bit of a silly statement because he is not for sale. You can’t buy someone who is not for sale.

And what he meant was: “If Rangers want to buy Goss, they won’t get him on the cheap, but we’ll sell for the right price.”

I’m fluent in manager-speak.

Goss is 22-years-old and was bought by QPR for £500,000 last summer, not even as much as buttons for an English Championship side, and played six games in total before moving to Ibrox in January.

QPR are 16th in their league and not yet quite out of the relegation fight, although they will probably be fine, and so it couldn’t be said that they are having a good season.

This could well mean Holloway being sacked, managers lose their jobs down there for far less crimes than finishing mid-table, and yet on the face of it he is going nuts over Murty suggesting he’d quite like to buy a player of his who couldn’t get a game at Loftus Road and was allowed to go out on loan.

Do me a favour.

If Holloway was such a fan of Goss, then he wouldn’t have let the midfielder go and the lad would have played more than just a half a dozen matches.

It’s not as if he’s a kid of 18 who was never going to play a lot this season and so it would make sense for him to be loaned out in order for him to get his boots dirty.

I am sure if Rangers could put together a deal that would suit both player and club then there would be at least a chance of Goss staying up here a bit longer, which would be good news.

I must admit that I wasn’t sure about him at first.

It was clear he could play football. That left foot of his sprayed about passes from day one and he can strike a ball as well. Goss always had a bit time to do his work which is important in midfield.

But it is true now and it always was: to cut it in Scottish football, especially when you play in the engine room of the team, you need to dig in – and for the first few games I saw no evidence that he was that kind of player.

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However, Goss knows how to tackle. I’ve been impressed with a few digs he’s had over recent matches.

If there was even the slightest chance of him being given a longer deal, then I am certain Murty will push for that.

To be fair to Holloway, he’s only looking after his club and is well within his rights to do that. But, please, spare me the whole “how dare the manager who has taken our player who couldn’t get a game for us talk about signing him”.

It’s all part of the game.

Rangers played really well in the 4-1 win over St Johnstone with Goss pulling the strings and Greg Docherty, a perfect foil, beside him. The midfield has gone from a weakness to one of the team’s strengths.

It’s a shame Jamie Murphy has picked up an injury because he’s been in superb form. It was always going to take time for him to get up to speed because he’s hardly kicked a ball for Brighton, but was beginning to catch the eye.

If he misses the Celtic game, it will be a big loss. That’s five wins in a row for Rangers, something which hasn’t happened in a long time but should be happening all the time.

Nine wins, one draw and a defeat, at home to Hibs, is a far better return than what came before. This is not a club for which three wins on the bounce is deemed OK.

The players now appear to know what playing for Rangers is all about. Which is winning games of football.

St Johnstone are not having the best of seasons, but a 4-1 win in Perth is still an excellent result, and some of the goals were superb. Not bad at all.

But, and there is always a but, the goal Rangers lost was another poor one to concede from a set-piece and this has been going on a while.
Sure, it didn’t matter in the end with regards the win, but Wes Foderingham didn’t cover himself in glory and, again, an opposition player wasn’t marked properly.

This happens way too often and while such criticism may seem harsh, with the top six split coming up and, hopefully, some huge games in the Scottish Cup as well, even a well-functioning Rangers are not going to score three, four or five goals in every game.

Rangers aren’t a great team yet, but they are at least moving forward.