THE movie of his life and career has already hit the big screen and a clothing range in his name will be launched on Friday. Talk of Liverpool is never far away, either.

There is only one thing on Steven Gerrard’s mind, though. From the day he signed a four-year deal at Ibrox in the summer, Rangers has been his priority.

Gerrard received a warm reception from shareholders when he attended the Rangers AGM this week and used the platform to show his appreciation for the support he has had from the boardroom to the stands.

In a passionate address, he expressed his sense of contentment at life at Ibrox and insisted he wished to remain in Glasgow ‘for a very long time’ to share ‘some really good times’ with the Light Blues.

Victory over Villarreal this evening would be one of the highlights of his tenure so far and the 38-year-old will approach the challenge with his usual commitment and drive. As always, winning is all that matters to Gerrard.

He said: “I always get asked the question do you want to be the Liverpool manager, are you the next Liverpool manager, or do you want to manage down in England. I am satisfied and happy in the position I’m in.

“When I signed up to this, I didn’t want to sign up short term. It’s impossible to make a difference and plan for success in a short space of time. When I signed up, I was hoping to sign up for a long time.

“Of course there has been a positive start but I understand that we have to continue to work just as hard to stay in this position because it’s a tough job. Management’s tough.

“It’s a brutal business. In an ideal situation, we get the time to make a difference.

“It’s no stepping stone. This is a huge job, a fantastic job that I appreciate the opportunity to take on. I’m happy. I don’t want to be anywhere else.”

Gerrard was in London earlier this month as he and his family attended the premiere of ‘Make us Dream’, the film that charts his remarkable rise from the Huyton estate in Liverpool to the top of the game on that night in Istanbul. And there will be further proof tomorrow, if any is required, of the pull and status of Gerrard when his own designer label – SGG Apparel – goes live online.

They are ventures that offer supporters another insight into the man they have taken to their hearts. Neither will take Gerrard’s eye off the ball, however.

Gerrard said: “The clothes thing was all done and dusted before I came to Glasgow. I haven’t done anything since I have been in Glasgow.

“The majority of the film was done. The only thing I had to do was turn up for the premiere. And during most of the film, I was thinking about Rangers.

“Anything I do off the pitch privately, my head will always be on Rangers.

“I won’t benefit from either thing really. The clothes thing was linked to Liverpool.

“I signed up for it when I was a coach at Liverpool. So I don’t get anything financially out of that.

“The film was signed up for three or four years ago, but when these things launch, you have to turn up. In terms of my head being on Rangers. that’s 24/7. That’s the reason why I have these big black circles under my eyes.”