ANOTHER weekend, another round of refereeing controversies and headlines. What I will say is what I have said for a long time and that is that we need to give our officials as much help as possible.

We need to have full-time referees so that they can work on the game every single day and that will undoubtedly raise the standards.

You might get some that only want to do it part-time because they have other jobs, that is fine. But you then give younger referees a chance to get better every single day and that, in turn, will raise the standards.

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I do feel sorry for referees at times. If managers want to deflect from a performance or a result, usually it is a referee that gets thrown under the bus.

That doesn’t take away from the fact that mistakes have been made. But rather that criticising all the time, we need to look at ways to help them make fewer mistakes.

For me, the viable and realistic option is full-time referees and it will get better if the officials were brought in full-time.

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You could create relationships there with clubs and they could have a chance to speak about their decisions to give people in the game, and the supporters, an insight into why they have made certain calls.

You could argue that referees bring it on themselves, but managers make mistakes that don’t get highlighted as much. When players make mistakes, they get stick from their own fans, but not from the whole country as we have seen with the officials this season.