THE initial challenge between Alfredo Morelos and Scott McKenna was fierce but it wasn’t a foul. That is the clear, but the aftermath isn’t.

When McKenna falls on his back with his feet in the air, I think Morelos reckons he is going to try and kick him and he reacts. It is not a stamp, though.

Rangers have now appealed the decision and will find out on Friday evening whether Morelos will be free to face Kilmarnock in the Scottish Cup or whether he faces another couple of games out through suspension.

It is obvious that he is such an important player for Rangers, but he is no use to us in the stands. Steven Gerrard needs him on the park and he will have said that to him plenty of times.

I didn’t think it was a red card for either of them to be honest. The referee should have got the two of them together and told them to get a grip of themselves.

You give them a yellow card each and you move on. I thought he over-reacted to that a bit.

We say every time that Alfredo gets sent off that he will have to watch himself and it is a shame that he went off early because the first half showed just how much talent he has.

As the manager said post-match, he can go far in the game. His ability will give him a great chance of doing that.

But if he picks up red cards, that could reduce his options and maybe deny him the chance to go to a bigger club in the future.

It is difficult for a player that is still relatively young, especially when he maybe feels he is being targeted by other players. It is only natural that he will react but the manager was right when he said he has to channel that aggression in the right manner at times.