MARK Warburton would love to know why Alfredo Morelos is so angry all the time.

The former Rangers manager would happily work with the team’s current brilliant if flawed striker in a heartbeat. The goals, for him, are far more important than the red cards.

But Warburton is mystified to why a young player with so much going for him wants to fight the world.

He said: “Morelos just looks angry all of the time on the pitch. You’re watching and thinking that it would be nice to see him enjoying his football a bit more but you don’t know his background.

“I just see a real talent and someone like Jermain Defoe will be a great mentor for him, someone who’s played at the highest level can be good for him. The penny can drop with young players. If they’ve got an angry side and the red mist comes down, you can work with them.

“It’s harder when they are older. It’s too ingrained and in their blood. It’s the same in life, if you work on a building site or are a cab driver, if you are angry at 27, you’ll always be angry.

“The younger ones adapt if they can see what’s on offer and a path with riches at the end of it.

“You need that edge in your team sometimes. I look at Morelos and see a really talented centre forward. People describe it as baggage but it’s a question of whether that temperament can survive in the EPL or La Liga. I’m not sure.”

Warburton is looking to get back in at management and should he find an English club at a certain level, with a few quid to spend, he would see Morelos as a gamble but one worth taking.

He said: “If I’m looking at the clubs at the bottom of the Premier League, why would you not look at him? I’m not saying this to cause Steven or Rangers any problems, but why would you not?

“He leads the line, he’s a goal-scorer, a pain in the backside to defenders. He’s a talented player. But I think you would do your own homework and that would be a massive risk. It depends on the cost.

“Look at the Premier League and what they pay for players. If you’re spending 30-40m on a striker, I wouldn’t take it. If it’s £8-10m or £12-15m, I’m not saying that’s a cheap gamble, but it’s one that if it went wrong then you could accept it.

“If you look at the Premier League, they’re going to use every tool in their armoury to upset a player and win a game of football in the right way. At the moment, there is obviously a red-mist scenario.

“I’m not talking about Steven’s player. I don’t know him, I have never worked with him. But he’s a very talented boy that undoubtedly could play in the Premier League.”

Warburton has signed players in the past with baggage, including a one-time cul hero at Rangers.

He said: “Joe Garner is a streetfighter and Morelos is the same. These guys play the game in a certain way but they score goals.

“He is what he is. Joe was only £1.6m and was a good bit of business.

“But as a manager you sometimes have to accept it. Look at Gazza. One of the greatest players the world has even seen but he had that edge.

“Sometimes that’s the price you pay for that greatness.

“I’m not saying Morelos and Joe are at Gazza’s level, but they are good players.”