EVERYONE is going to have an opinion on the Scottish FA disciplinary system and the everyone is going to have an opinion on every incident that is raised, or not raised in some cases.

We are seeing games getting re-refereed the next day and that has to stop. I don’t know what the best solution is right now, though.

Allan McGregor has been cited for his challenge on Lewis Ferguson last week and you would probably say that the challenge is a red card.

And there was an incident in Dundee United’s game with St Mirren at the weekend when Paul McGinn came in and smashed Cammy Smith. The referee was looking at it, but he didn’t send him off.

The whole stand thought ‘that was a red card’ but he just looked at it and booked him. So I would say that has to be looked at again and the referee has to be told that the decision was unacceptable.

The thing that annoys managers, players and supporters more than anything when it comes to disciplinary matters is the lack of consistency from game to game and week to week.

That is what Steve Clarke was calling for the other week. There has to be a level of consistency from the referees and the Compliance Officer.

When the footage is available from every single game and we all know what has happened in games, there is no excuse for not being consistent.