How much is Alfredo Morelos worth? The answer is simple: however much a club is willing to pay. There is no way to quantify just where the figure might go but there are a couple of certainties; people who score goals are at a premium and the securing of the Colombian internationalist on a long term deal is an insurance policy that guarantees Rangers a tidy profit if he goes elsewhere this summer. Morelos might have question marks over his temperament as his crime count would testify - 4 reds and 17 yellows this term - but the fact he has netted 28 goals will trump any weaknesses. In the current climate of whatabouttery, the fact is that any player capable of attracting interest into the Scottish game and who are in a position of going on to play in a more demanding league does the profile of the game no harm at all. The perception of the Scottish game as being little more than a mickey mouse league will forever be the norm south of the border but having players like Stuart Armstrong, Virgil Van Dijk and Victor Wanyama to showcase the fact that there are players of genuine quality plying their trade should enhance that perception. At the very least it offers a rebuffal whenever criticism are presented. The fact that clubs can present a pathway to England is no bad thing either as the summer transfer looms into view and Scotland needs all the selling points it can get.