FIXTURES have been released for the next two editions of the Six Naitons Championship, with Scotland kicking off next year's tournament with a trip to Wales. 

Gregor Townsend's first Six Nations campaign as head coach of the Scots will begin in Cardiff on 3 February and culminate with a trip to Rome on 17 March. 

Scotland's home games in 2018 will come against France on 11 February and Ireland on 24 February, with an away trip to Dublin on the penultimate weekend of 10 March.

The 2019 Championship will run from 1 February-16 March, with Scotland beginning at home to Italy. 

Ireland and Wales will visit Murrayfield on 9 February and 9 March respectively, while the Scots face trips to France on 23 February and a final day clash at Twickenham. 


3/4 February
Wales v Scotland, Saturday 2.15pm
France v Ireland, Saturday 4.45pm
Italy v England, Sunday 3.00pm

10/11 February
Ireland v Italy, Saturday 2.15pm
England v Wales, Saturday 4.45pm
Scotland v France, Sunday 3.00pm

23/24 February
France v Italy, Friday 8.00pm*
Ireland v Wales, Saturday 2.15pm
Scotland v England, Saturday 4.45pm

10/11 March
Ireland v Scotland, Saturday 2.15pm
France v England, Saturday 4.45pm
Wales v Italy, Sunday 3.00pm

17 March
Italy v Scotland, Saturday 12.30pm
England v Ireland, Saturday 2.45pm
Wales v France, Saturday 5.00pm

*Venue for this match will be announced at a later stage


1/2 February
France v Wales, Friday 8.00pm
Scotland v Italy, Saturday 2.15pm
Ireland v England, Saturday 4.45pm

9/10 February
Scotland v Ireland, Saturday 2.15pm
Italy v Wales, Saturday 4.45pm
England v France, Sunday 3.00pm

23/24 February
France v Scotland, Saturday 2.15pm
Wales v England, Saturday 4.45pm
Italy v Ireland, Sunday 3.00pm

9/10 March
Scotland v Wales, Saturday 2.15pm
England v Italy, Saturday 4.45pm
Ireland v France, Sunday 3.00pm

16 March
Italy v France, Saturday 12.30pm
Wales v Ireland, Saturday 2.45pm
England v Scotland, Saturday 5.00pm